North Carolina Confederate Memorial Day Services 2014

We have two Confederate Memorial Day services scheduled for the weekend of May 10th and 11th. On May 10th there will be a Memorial Service at the Old English Cemetery on North Church Street in Salisbury, NC. The service will be at 11:00 in the morning. Please try to be there at 10:00.

On May 11th there will be a Memorial Service at the Old Cabarrus County Courthouse located on Union Street in Concord, NC. Time to be announced.

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General Hardee’s Retreat 2013

General Hardee's Retreat 2013

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Information Sheet And Membership Requirements


Information Sheet And Membership Requirements

 Purpose of the 63RD REGIMENT N.C. TROOPSWe are a family oriented, non-profit organization.  We portray Cavalry, Dismounted Cavalry,Infantry and Civilian. Namely, to promote public education of the history of the War Between the States (1861-1865), through activities designed to attract public attendance, such as public demonstrations of reenactments of camp life and battles during said period, public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, parades, memorial services and similar programs.

 Membership Levels:

There are three levels of membership in the 63rd Regiment North Carolina Troops Reactivated.

Individual Membership is $15.00 per year. Any sole military or civilian reenactor is classified as an Individual Membership.

 Family Membership is $30.00 per year. Any family with more then one reenactor, military or civilian, adults or children, is classified as a family membership. To qualify for a family membership, all covered members of the family must be living in the same house.

 Associate Membership is $10.00 per year and is available to any individual who is not a reenactor but who supports the Regiment with his or her time, efforts or donations of goods or materials, and who would like to receive the monthly Regimental Newsletter.

 Membership Requirements:

 Membership dues must be paid annually during the month of January. Members who have not paid by the1stof Feb. of each year will be considered delinquent and will be dropped from the roster. Dropped members will be required to pay a reinstatement fee of $ 2.00 in addition to dues for the current calendar year before being added back to the roster.

Members must participate in addition to paying dues to remain active in the 63rd North Carolina. Members are required to take part in a minimum of three events each calendar year. In addition to the events, a “63rd Family Social & Camp of Instruction” will be held quarterly and participation is required in at least one “Social Camp”. The Social & Camp will normally be held on a Saturday from mid morning to late afternoon and will include family activities, food, drilling more food, more drilling, and short business sessions when needed.

 For Family Membership, event participation is counted by family and not by individual family members. However, for military reenactors in a family membership, Camps of Instruction are counted by individual member. See following examples.

 Example 1 – Event participation: Sam and his son Joe are military reenactors and Sams wife Mabel is a civilian reenactor. Sam and Joe have participated in two events do far this year and Mabel has taken part in a third. For the purpose of event participation, the family has met the requirement for three events, even though no individual family member has taken part in three events.

Example 2 – Family Social & Camp of Instruction participation: Joe participated in two of the Camps of Instruction and Mary has been to one, but Sam has not yet been. If Sam does not attend on of the two remaining two Camps, he will not have yet met the requirement and will be dropped from the roster. Sam and Mary, however, may continue their participation since they filled the requirement.

 Uniform Requirements:There is no standard uniform requirement in the 63rd North Carolina other than it must meet generally accepted standards for period Confederate uniforms. If you have questions ask a regimental commander before buying.

 To get started in reenacting takes a commitment of time, education and a bit of capital outlay.  Some folks can afford to jump in and buy everything they need at once.  Most can not. You can expect to spend nearly $300 in just basic clothing. Ask around among our unit members about which sutlers are reliable, most are good, some are better. At your first event you will probably use mostly loaner gear. It will be well used. But it does suffice. Please be sure to return any gear that you borrow.  We do this as a favor to new recruits, as we all were once. When you are finally able to make your first purchase (some make their own garments), the following list is the suggested order in which to acquire your gear.

 -Troops may wear shell jackets or sack coats. Double-breasted jackets are for officers only.

 -Trousers can be of any period pattern.


 -Head gear can be of any period style, but remember that Confederates preferred wide brimmed slouch hats. Hat brass and plumes are optional, but plumes should be only black.

 -Footwear can be of any period style but cavalry boots are strongly recommended for mounted troopers.

 -Period shirt

 -Socks (Thick wool or cotton)

 -Haversack, Canvas or tarred

 -Canteen (stainless steel recommended)


 -Black or brown waist belt with NC. oval buckle

 -Black or brown cap box

 -Black or brown cartridge box and sling.

 Weapons – It is recommended but not required that dismounted troops have a 3 banded weapon such as the 1858 3-banded Enfield, 1861 3-banded Springfield, or a 2 –band musket, Socket trefoil bayonet to fit rifle and Scabbard for bayonet.





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